The utility token that not only offers real value but unites all cultures with the pursuite of elevating and protecting the cryptoverse for the next 1 billion.

True utility for the people
0.5% Of All DEX Fees
Airdrop to Hodlers
0% Buy/Sell tax
Votership Rights*
Ecosystem Access

The Cryptoverse United

We are uniting the blockchain community as we pursue our mission to create a utility token that offers real value in a trusted and safe envirorment for the collective communities within crypto and beyond.

The Traders

The crypto traders that support the cryptoverse with liquidity and visionary thinking. A cohort that is fueling the industry to new heights.

THE enthusiasts

The communities of the cryptoverse and wider internet that get a thrill from the world of meme culture and appreciate the arts.

THE advocates

The guardians of the cryptoverse have supported the revolution for years. Elon Musk, CZ, Michael Saylor and Brain Armstrong + others have helped pave the way for us all.


The new members of the cryptoverse shouldn't have to fear Defi. We want to create a safe place where they can feel comfortable and secure.

The most powerful & fair utility token

Our focus is to build a ecosystem of Defi protocols and entertainment platforms to support the next 1 Billion members to the cryptoverse.

Ecosystem fees sent to LP
Vote on TV Show Content
Free Airdrop & NFTs to Hodlers

Verified Contract

We're focused on making this a long term project with our community at the forefront.

Verified Contract
99% Uptime Guarantee - Crypto Webflow Template
99/100 DEX Score
20% Locked Liquidity

Available on Uniswap
Or Purchase with Card

Available Here: UniSwap (ETH)
Available Here: Purchase with card.

Our Fellow Hodlers

"$HODL is a great project with a lot of potential. The team is very transparent and communicative, and they are always working hard to improve the project. I'm excited to see what they accomplish in the future!"

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"I'm really impressed with the work the $HODL team is doing. They are constantly innovating and adding new features to the project. The film studio concept is something i'm super excited to see"

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“Super proud of the work this team has been doing behind the scenes. Loudr got the chance to work with the founders to help their vision come to life. This is certainly one to watch. LGF! #HODL”

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“I'm a proud HODLER! This project has so much potential, and I'm excited to be a part of it. I can't wait to see what the future holds for $HODL!”

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“This is a really fun project. The fact they are integrating Defi with Entertainment is really interesting and something to keep an eye on”

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“This is hilarious! Such a clever name and i laughed so hard at the origins story of the HODLERs - The team has got my vote for sure. LFG!!! ”

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